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March 22, 2018

Fire + Ice Body Sculpting Event


5:30 – 7:00 PM

with Body Sculpting Specialist Jane Vickers


Bikini season is right around the corner! Let us help you look your best this summer with our body sculpting treatments, Vanquish (fire) and CoolSculpting (ice). Both are safe, nonsurgical treatments that eliminate stubborn fat without needles or downtime. Come learn which one is right for you with our Body Sculpting Specialist, Jane Vickers!

To reserve your spot for a free consultation, call us at 205.877.9773



Free consultations for all attendees | $75 value

FIRE: Buy a package of 6 Vanquish treatments for $5000 | $250 savings

ICE: 20% off any number of CoolSculpting cycles

FIRE + ICE: Buy 4 CoolSculpting cycles + 4 Vanquish treatments for $6000 | $500 savings