AcneAcne is the most common skin condition affecting 40 to 50 million Americans at any one time. Acne occurs due to a combination of factors. These include plugged hair follicles, excess oil production, bacterial growth, and inflammation.  Hormones often also play a role.  The result is blackheads, whiteheads and pimples most commonly on the face, back, shoulders and upper arms. Acne most commonly affects preteens and teenagers but can continue into or even begin in adulthood.

Gentle or medicated cleansers and topical creams are most often used to treat acne breakouts. Sometimes these topicals can be used in combinations with oral antibiotics and/or hormonal therapies. In more persistent cases, other oral medications including isotretinoin may be prescribed. Every patient responds differently, so it is important to consult with one of our providers to see which regimen may work best for you.

Leaving acne untreated can cause scars, dark spots, and low self-esteem. Medications and products are important, but professional advice is needed to give the greatest chance for success. Our dermatologists and physician assistants understand all factors that influence acne.  We consider all variables,  including your unique “story”, creating a custom treatment plan to clear up your skin.

We also offer services that complement medical therapy for maximum effectiveness. Our aestheticians work with our doctors and physician assistants to provide treatments unique to your skin. This includes services like extractions, facials, and chemical peels.  The Hydrafacial is a favorite among our acne patients.

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